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'Laura loves her Monday art class with you and is very very keen to continue' 'Hope you haven't given Zoe's place away or she'll never forgive me!'
'Frances enjoyed Art Club very much and we will both miss it!' 'Thankyou so much for helping Abby this term and for the lovely exhibition...It was so nice to see all the children's work at once and it certainly made the girls feel very proud to have their work exhibited. I also look forward to seeing some wonderful creations in the new term'
'Thanks for all your hard work. Phemie brings home some lovely pieces and is very enthusiastic about the Art Club - she loves it!'
'Thanks for teaching me for so long! We've made some great stuff and I've had a great time! It's a shame I can't do it any more. Thankyou!' '....Thankyou for teaching me in P5, P6, P7. I have really enjoyed it....'
'Delighted to enrol Ben for next term's Art Club!'
'We really appreciate the creativity and professionalism of your art club! Thank you for this.'

'I loved the works my three took home'

'Catriona is enjoying the club as much as ever. I realise she has just a few sessions left and that she will move on. I feel that art will be part of her future in some way. You have given her a good grounding to move off from. Thankyou so much.'
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